The Plumes of Hazard eliquid collections have been part of this industry almost as long as the guys themselves have been a part of the vaping community. Here at Stash, we met the boys (/u/MastBlast09, /u/TheAngstfulVaper, /u/Foobaca, and /u/Understudy) way back in 2011-12 on Reddit. While the vaping community has completely transformed since then, the PoH guys have remained true to themselves, continuing to selflessly advocate for all of us, brazenly call out amoral manufacturers. and just generally tell it like it is...something we could all use more of. 

We are proud to be the sole manufacturer and distributor of both of their lines, PoH and Deadline.

These are the original recipes, remastered using Stash's immaculately clean nicotine and our pristine VG to create something that could only come from the deranged minds of the Plumes of Hazard, and the gourmet labs at Stash. 



Abolish Mint
Abolish Mint from $ 13.00
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Get Pissed
Get Pissed from $ 13.00
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Limeade and Abetting
Limeade and Abetting from $ 13.00
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Way Up Here
Way Up Here from $ 13.00
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